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We provide a unique combination of seasoned managerial and executive experience with insights gained from years of dispute management, damages analysis,

Our Expertise

GeniusLab Technology Solution India Pvt. Ltd. worked with the client to harmonize its business processes and implement a digital hydrocarbon accounting platform, which provides complete reconciliation of actual quantities of hydrocarbon produced and sent for export, storage, consumption and allocation back to the wells. The platform accurately determines the ownership and corresponding revenues for each partner and processes data in other departments.Oil and gas companies operate in an environment that is under financial, competitive and regulatory stress. Conflicting legal and regulatory frameworks, pervasive contractual disputes and high market volatility generate increasing challenges to operating management. GeniusLab Technology Solution India Pvt. Ltd. Energy professionals bring oil and gas industry operating experience and litigation support expertise to companies and their counsel.

GeniusLab Technology Solution India Pvt. Ltd. Industry Sectors

Exploration & Production

Tackle challenges and take full advantage of opportunities throughout the energy supply chain.

Royalty & Royalty Disputes

Develop, interpret and implement royalty policies and procedures of oil and gas leases.

Petroleum Refining

Experience with refining operations, knowledge of the oil and products marketplace, and regulatory policy expertise.