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Genius Technology Solution India Pvt. Ltd Expert in SAP Implementation

In today’s digital arena, SAP implementation and consulting play a significant role to run your business smoothly. Our team of SAP highly certified and well-experienced consultants develop plans based on your corporate planning and strategy which integrate all functional improvement of your company's business processes. Our SAP consultants deliver action plans that will help your organization's goals and objectives in a proficient manner. We create the right team for your business from a pool of talented SAP consultants who possess in-depth industry-specific experience & expertise in similar projects, and who provide a proven track record in project delivery on time. Additionally, cost-effectiveness is a key feature and advantage of all our projects.

At Genius Technology Solution India Pvt. Ltd Keeping in mind your business goals and operational processes, We’ll develop the best solution for your business, and manage costs diligently to ensure that you get the best possible implementation engagement with us. We possess vast expertise to implement entire SAP Solution as per our customer business requirement.

Our SAP ERP Implementation Methodology

Genius Technology Solution India Pvt. Ltd is a trustworthy SAP implementation resource and the reason being is our comprehensive methodology. Our modus operandi is based upon a diligently designed framework that is able to deliver results in any industry environment. With quick SAP ERP implementation, we fortify success and productivity in your organization and help you expand your reach in the relative market.

Our SAP implementation methodology has below-mentioned phases –

Project Preparation

We take note of your requirements and craft a solution vision based upon those details.

Sizing and blueprinting

Once the information has been gathered, we perform the “cost of ownership” analysis, inform you about the high availability, and engage our trusted SAP vendors to meet your requirements.

SAP functional development

At this stage, we will address the change management, SAP system and perform integration tests.

Final preparation

We will perform various SAP implementation and performance test and check the viability of SAP services in your organizational milieu.

Live implementation

Once the SAP implementation solutions pass all the tests, we make it live in your business ecosystem.