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There are a multitude of different software solutions designed for business needs, and a SAP Consultant is an expert in this software. SAP was a collaboration of five former IBM staff members in Germany, and the name is an acronym for German words: Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte, which means Systems Applications and Products. This software allows businesses to maintain their customer relationship management software (CRM), their supply chain management software (SCM), as well as managing their employee, financial, production records as well as their archived data.

The job title of a SAP Consultant can be rather vague, but most professionals choose to focus in one of two areas: Technical or Functional. Individuals with experience in the technological field, such as programming and software development, are better fitted to consult on the technological side of SAP software, while those with a background in finance, for example, can focus on the functional area of SAP Consulting.

Entry-level SAP Consultants often work very long hours, up to 80 per week, while they focus on learning individual SAP modules. However, once they have mastered them, their hours may slow down depending on project needs. SAP Consultants can work in both large and small companies, typically reporting to a Senior SAP Consultant or an IT Manager, while a portion is self-employed. Demand for Computer Support Specialists, such as SAP Consultants, is growing at the rate of 12 percent, which is faster than average for all jobs.